Back from London

slept 23 of 108 hours while i was there. that ain’t much.
anyone catch the insanity? 24 hours straight in a studio?

a couple of things . . .

– new gomez single is up at please listen. we worked hard on it!

– steph and i have started rehearsing for our first show. definitely nervous. definitely excited. please come if you’re in LA. just an acoustic set, but in many ways, that’s harder. but we are up for the challenge. i think. ha.

i thought i had more thoughts. jetlag just zapped them. oh well.




  • The 24 hour recording session was insane … watched some of it on line from home , then had the privilege of being at the studios for the final 2 hours …. I was only in the cafe area upstairs but still the buzz was electric and was really cool when you guys did the final run through of the completed song. How on earth did you all manage to keep going so long?

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