Car Horns?

have i brought this up already? probably. getting old. can’t remember shit at all anymore. driving with steph today, and she needed to let the jackass in front of us to stop texting and start driving because the light was no longer green. simple enough. except when she honked, the lady, who was obviously frantic and malnourished, freaked out. granted we slammed her with our sonic blaster of a horn that comes with a jeep . . . upset, cursing at us for rushing her. blah blah. her bad, i... Read The Rest →

Oh twitter and the negative comments we tweet …

SNL – holy shitcakes. went off great i thought. personally, i was just happy that my hands worked. its the most nervous i’ve felt in a while for sure. but all in all, we got positive reactions from the people we keep close, that would tell us if it sucked or it was the single greatest SNL performance ever or it was okay or whatever. everyone gave a massive thumbs up. smiles, shots of tequila, lunacy all followed. great night. in fact, one of my favorites in a long time.... Read The Rest →

i finished the updates to – for now . . .

okay. i know i already posted a blog entry about it, but i think it was too early. in case you missed it . . . transferred the site to wordpress for easy modifications and updates. added a bunch of new music to my audio / soundcloud. uploaded a bunch of new and old artwork. updated my discography. updated my links. blah blah. all i know is this gets addicting. i can’t stop messing with this stupid site. ugh. enjoy. i don’t know what i’m doing but enjoy.   sam

An update to my site.

got bored on the road as one does and called tony yates and had him redo what milo de cruz and i started. same basic vibe, just a bit easier to run myself . . . a few little tricks . . . a bunch of new content, including new stuff on my soundcloud . . . enjoy. i’ll write better blog posts from now on. getting too used to 140 characters.

Our Crazy F-ing Neighbor Part 2 – with audio

after my last post, steph and i assumed this was over. that he was gone. one flew TO the cuckoo’s nest. or one dragged to the cuckoo’s nest. nope. he returned two weeks ago with no word from the authorities about what had happen, or what they found going on in his head, or if he was even properly analyzed. very frustrating. since being back, he has already woken us up twice in the dead of sleep, screaming furiously out his front door again. most recently, he shouted “I’LL NEVER... Read The Rest →

Its one hell of a day in the neighborhood.

our neighbor, an 70 something dementia ridden old man, has been acting nuttier and nuttier by the week. last night began typically for him. opening his door and shouting, in a terrifyingly loud and aggressive tone, random and nonsensical phrases. normally we call the cops, but they usually arrive once he’s calmed down, and then look at us like, really? this is what we came out here for? but after his little rant, he left his house and started banging on his neighbor’s fence, and the bashing her mailbox with... Read The Rest →

Show day

Love the anticipation. Made some really cool artwork to sell with the EP. Had three really great rehearsals with some my best friends. Opening for one of the best voices in the world. Very excited. Already looking forward to playing more shows. I love making music with my favorite person in the world. I love being an uncool cheeseball. Cheers Sam

Back from London

slept 23 of 108 hours while i was there. that ain’t much. anyone catch the insanity? 24 hours straight in a studio? a couple of things . . . – new gomez single is up at please listen. we worked hard on it! – steph and i have started rehearsing for our first show. definitely nervous. definitely excited. please come if you’re in LA. just an acoustic set, but in many ways, that’s harder. but we are up for the challenge. i think. ha. i thought i had more... Read The Rest →

bubble and strife!

yep. doing our first show. acoustic, opening for ben from gomez on april 2nd. please come. info at wow. its ugly outside right now. flying to london in a couple hours. vesper learned thank you and your welcome and its breaking everyone’s heart. should i take a shower or just stand outside for five minutes? cheers sam


shit. i think the record is done. mastered. sequenced. b sides getting prepped. very excited. and i think bubble and strife may have our first live show coming up, opening for ben ottewell of the above mentioned gomez. acoustic and personal, we hear. more to come about this . . . in the meantime, write pop songs. hide them beneath layers of weird noise, crazy chord changes and stuttered beats. that’s why i’m trying to do. sam

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