Last full day in Nashville.

heading home tomorrow. Brendan just did three tracks of kazoo. Just one of the mornings i guess. wait. its being wiped. nevermind. back to regular things like acoustics and percussion. may do a slide harrison guitar part in a sec. 13 hour days for 7 days in a row . . . red eyes, blisters on the fingers, a little lack of perspective, and having a blast . . . cheerio. mm that sounds good actually. just one cheerio. sam


its strange not having a 140 character limit. way too much room. in fact, i’m not even sure why i have a blog. in any case, nashville is awesome. last night . . . melrose bar . . . ran into chad from paper route. great band. met doug from the clutters. great band name. (no idea what they sound like yet). someone told me that i look like Mr. Big from sex and the city. umm. heading to the studio now. first day of tracking. tearing into a punk... Read The Rest →


Went public with today. Very excited. Some fun hidden gems in the audio section if you look close. Even more exciting is tomorrow … Bubble and Strife, a little project my wife and I have been working on for ages, is releasing its first EP. More info about it tomorrow! Cheers. Side note. Winds at the top of Mammoth reached 100 mph. F that. Sammy


had a very quiet but entertaining superbowl sunday with a handful of friends and some serious queso. tough picking a side, but i had aaron rodgers as my fantasy football qb all year, and mendenhall as my RB, so i was rooting for both teams. topped the night off with “Still Bill” a documentary by a friend about Bill Withers. best quote of the movie . . . “to get to Wonderfull, you have to pass through Alright.” have a good week yall. sam

me and the what ?

the MCP is a Tron reference. the Master Control Program was the evil tyrant computer that was trying to take over the world one user at a time. so it seemed like an appropriate name for the studio computer that i was making music on. anyway. welcome to my blog. more to come. sam

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