Its one hell of a day in the neighborhood.

our neighbor, an 70 something dementia ridden old man, has been acting nuttier and nuttier by the week. last night began typically for him. opening his door and shouting, in a terrifyingly loud and aggressive tone, random and nonsensical phrases. normally we call the cops, but they usually arrive once he’s calmed down, and then look at us like, really? this is what we came out here for?
but after his little rant, he left his house and started banging on his neighbor’s fence, and the bashing her mailbox with his metal cane.
enough was enough. he’s been waking our family up in the morning by ringing our doorbell, expecting a ride to some unknown place. or screaming in the middle of the night, and then ringing our doorbell holding a bag of groceries. but he actually caused physical damage this time. so we called the cops.
once again, his house was dark when they arrived. steph and i met the officers in the street and while explaining what had happened, we started hearing banging from inside his house. the officers said we should head inside. that’s when it got very entertaining in sort of a shocking and scary way.
he came out and proceeded to yell profanities and more nonsensical diatribes at the cops, which was weirdly satisfying. after six years, finally the authorities got a taste of what we’ve been going through. things i over hear were along the lines of . . . “i know obama, and he’ll have your thrown in prison.” or “i won the nobel peace prize this year, what the hell have you two done?”
bad move. more cops came . . .
after hearing more crazy shouting, they came out from searching his home carrying a hatchet and a shotgun.
steph and i have no interest in putting this man in jail. all we’ve ever wanted was to get him to a mental hospital. but he has no family. no contacts. he’s just slowly losing his mind in this old crumbling house.
he was arrested last night, but taken by a “smart” team to be mentally evaluated. it seems that its finally been addressed. i can’t even tell you how well we slept last night.
hopefully he’s getting some extremely necessary help and comfort now.

side notes . . . a very large black widow crawled up the wall on our front porch, in between steph and i, while we were having a meeting with cops. probably the scariest moment of the evening.
and the lakers won the strangest basketball game while the whole thing was going down.

as i tweeted, just your average night in our neighborhood.



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