Our Crazy F-ing Neighbor Part 2 – with audio

after my last post, steph and i assumed this was over. that he was gone. one flew TO the cuckoo’s nest. or one dragged to the cuckoo’s nest.
nope. he returned two weeks ago with no word from the authorities about what had happen, or what they found going on in his head,
or if he was even properly analyzed. very frustrating.
since being back, he has already woken us up twice in the dead of sleep, screaming furiously out his front door again.
most recently, he shouted “I’LL NEVER STOP! I’LL NEVER STOP!”
comforting, i know.

tonight, starting around 9:15, he stood on the sidewalk in front of his house, having a conversation directed at us,
but without us actually being there. at first i thought he may have been on the phone or something.
didn’t take long to figure out he was literally talking to himself like the insane person he is. pay attention authorities.
we can only say this so many times.
his conversation more or less consisted of inquiring where his thing or object or food or something non-existant was.
eventually, losing patience with his imagination, he began actually shouting at us, occasionally referencing stephanie,
and how terrible of a person she was for making him wait.
around 10 he crossed the street and took his conversation to our front gate.
he began yelling more, saying things like “oh you’re going to finish eating first?? (angrily)” and “you’re such terrible people for making me wait.”

we called the cops again around this point. i then went into our bathroom which has the best view of his house,
and recorded this . . . it stops before the cops showed up unfortunately, but it will suffice.
remember, he’s standing on his sidewalk, talking to no one. we have never called him, or set up some sort of deal with him.
on a side note, he thinks my name is paul, and at one point says “oh he won’t fall,” referencing me possibly falling down the stairs?
he also keeps mentioning how he was going to help steph catch her break, but not anymore. you may not be able to hear it,
but he references RKO as the employer. RKO pictures? Citizen Kane time?

enjoy. i put some noise reduction and compression on the file to help with clarity, but in a strange way,
the recording is rather . . . dare i say . . . beautiful. the bathtub is dripping gently . . . lunacy captured on tape. whatever. an iphone.



  • Sam- I’ve had my fair share of crazy people too, as you know. Nothing quite… like this though. I hope everything works out. You and Steph don’t need this crap, especially around your house / Vesper. I hope this gets taken care of by the authorities. It sounds like this guy needs to be taken to a home, permanently. That’s an understatement, I know. Love you dude. Best of luck.

  • Sam, I know your pretty frustrated right now but your neighbour is obviously mentally ill. Stay safe. I hope Stephanie and Vesper keep a safe distance from this guy as his verbal rampage could escalate into something physical. Keep calling the authorities until this man gets the help he desperately needs and whatever you do, don’t confront him or approach him during his dillusional rants. Sending vibes your way for a positive outcome.

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